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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perfume - The Unexpected Truth!

Why do you think people wear perfume for?

Reason number 1

To attract attention of the opposite sex of course! Studies had found that, men who were exposed to a floral scent saw their testosterone boosted while a musk made testosterone drop. On the other hand, for women, the opposite way.

People wear perfume to create sexual persona to others especially perfumes with pheromones. Sexual pheromone which is derived from animals, is largely exploited by perfume industry. These substances are perceived by the sensible receptors of olfactory which send an "excitant" signal and then perceiving an individual on the sexual contact. It plays an enormous part in "love at the first sight"..

....to be continued (Reason number 2)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Perfume Story

The story of perfume is dated back more than 5000 years ago among Egyptians, but the Arabians were the first to use rose petals to make rose water about 1,300 years ago. They not only use it as perfumes but also as medicine.

One of the earliest true perfume made was the "essential oil of rose" or "attar of rose". But did you know how they produced the essential of rose? The flowers must be picked early, when the oil is the most concentrated. About 750kgs of roses is used to make just 1kg of rose absolute and about 4000kgs for 1kg of rose essential oil. All these reasons makes the perces of some perfume soars.

Perfume which comes from Latin words "fumus" which means smoke is the most luxurious and indulgent of all beauty products. To an extent, it tentalises one of our basic sense - the smell - it touches the heights of sophistication with elegant packaging and distinctive names. But, basically, perfumes are made from the mixture of many different ingredients which comes from carefull blend of essential oils, isolated constituents of essential oils, synthetic smells and natural animal products.

A perfume may contains between ten to more than 250 ingredients.

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Gaharu / Agarwood (Oud) Secrets

“Gaharu is the most important aromatic substance on earth. Remedied for neurous disorder such as neurosis, obsessive behavior and exhaustion”.

The odour of agarwood is complex and pleasing, with few or no similar natural analogues.

Our perfumes are produced via biotechnological process which do not involve any extraction that uses alcoholic solvent or lard.

Instead, we use oud oil-base as the solvent and as subtitute of

That is why our perfumes do not have expiry date. The
longer you keep it, the longer the scent will last.

Further more, our perfumes are HALAL, so they are suitable for the MUSLIM market.

The combination of OUD (agarwood/gaharu) essence is able to preserve the odour for 8 - 12 hours when used on the pulse points and can last up to 3 days if used on clothes.

According to studies, the use of biotechnological methods had
produced a substance to preserve the note as a LARD substitute.

Morover, this methods also found that there is a significant
relation between certain note and one's psychological feeling.
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